Control in Marriage

Life is a series of finding comfort in each new self that we become. Some people seem to shift from one thing to the next very quickly, while others can find something that feels right to them and stick with it for so long that it becomes a part of their identity. Veganism, clean eating, …


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A letter to my teenagers

Sweet kiddo.

I know that the time is approaching when you’re going to be on your own. Your head is swarming with insecurities and excitement and fear and confidence. I push you to test your boundaries and to challenge your strengths. To know how to do your absolute best, and to work to make that even better. You know that I want you to go to college, or to master a trade, and to find your place in this world. But mostly, I want you to pave your own way, and to enjoy the exciting and chaotic road to get there. So I wrote out what I want for you, specifically. So that there’s no confusion.

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Giving Up

“Giving up on your marriage”. It’s a phrase my friend said recently that hit me the wrong way. I took offense to it, and felt it like a punch to the gut. Because I have walked away from a toxic marriage. And I fought for that unhealthy marriage so hard. I drowned for that marriage. … Continue reading Giving Up