Merging the Clinical and Spiritual

6 thoughts on “Merging the Clinical and Spiritual”

  1. While I am, in fact, a Jesus-follower, there are things here that I agree with. And “God will heal this, no need for surgery,” btw, is a view held only be a few unorthodox cults. I thank God for doctors (good ones, at least)!

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    1. Thank you for pointing out that my hyper-exaggerated wording was absolutely not the norm for religious individuals, nor is it preached in a typical sermon. It has been such an asset to have been raised in a moderately religious community, and to have attended church regularly as a child. It really is rare for me to come across an extremist who I know personally. With so much political divide lately, people seem to be lumping everyone into one of two piles, and that’s not fair or accurate, so I am grateful for your comment and I appreciate the love.


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